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Hello! I’m Maddy…

… and I’m Sam

We may be only 11 & 9 but we’re on a mission to contribute towards positive change in the world by campaigning for the protection of our beautiful planet through our own unique music, poetry and art.

We do this by sending our music as ‘gifts of inspiration’ to those in power or positions of influence – just to remind them of how beautiful our planet is and that we appreciate their help in protecting it.

We have delivered our work to CEOs, Heads of State, Spiritual Leaders, Inventors, Academics, Media Leaders, Famous Musicians, Politicians, Inventors, Film Producers, Nobel Peace Prize Individuals as well as other lesser known but special individuals – reminding them of how beautiful the precious this planet is and that we need their help in looking after it.

We write & arrange all our own music and produce our own artwork & poetry. We’ve both been playing since we were 4 years old and both play the harp & piano. We also love technology and use it to create atmosphere and arrange any orchestration, mood or synthesised sounds. We use field recordings from nature to capture the mood of special places – you can hear the birds, the sea, the streams and the breeze accompanying our songs.

You can get involved by sponsoring us (for every album you purchase we can afford to send another out into the world addressed to the influential and powerful – reminding them of how beautiful this planet is and that we need and appreciate their help in protecting it).

I could hear music that sounded like it was coming from the heavens – I then realised it was coming from two young children – a brother and sister – playing the harp & piano – they were like two musicians brought down from above to bring peace to the world”

“It was so moving I cried.”

“Suddenly “Debussy would listen to this music.” 

“If peace and harmony has a sound – this is it”

“Maddy and Sam’s music is special – I’d go as far as to say spiritual”

Many thanks everyone

You can also help by spreading the word to others or even buying our music (for every album you purchase we can afford to send another out into the world addressed to the influential and powerful – reminding them of how beautiful life is and that we need and appreciate their help in protecting it).

Healing, Light & Love,

Maddy & Sam. x


A celebration of the simple pleasure of observing sunlight and leaves

Often we overlook this most beautiful gift – the sunlight through the leaves. This piece of tonal music has been created as a musical landscape through nature. We hope you can find the time to listen to this piece and tune in with nature – the sky, the clouds, the sunlight, the dancing shadows, a tree on a hill top. The flowers at the bottom of the garden.

The trembling of the sunlight

The rippling of the leaves

The sparkling of the sunlight

The glinting of the leaves

The splashing of the sunlight

The rustling of the leaves

The dancing of the sunlight

The turning of the leaves

The flashing of the sunlight

The drifting of the leaves


A celebration of nature’s morning choir

A little sunbeam
Pulls back the darkness.

The light
Iridescent and florescent
Dances through bird’s wings

Look up at the sky
Air borne
They flutter and float
A happy celebration
At the first blush of day

Nature’s choir
In harmony
They improvise
Singing and dancing
Across the landscape

Robin as soprano
Raven as baritone
As darkness comes
A new light rises into view

Stars that sparkle & glisten
Through the eyes of friends and foes
Mother nature sees them all


This Healing Place is the hub for all our creative projects.

We are a family of musicians – Maddy, Sam and David (Dad). As peace activists we write & record music, video, poetry and prose in order to create gifts of inspiration (in the form of books, prints and music)  which we deliver across the globe to those in power or positions of influence, reminding them of how beautiful this planet is and that we need and appreciate their help in protecting it.

We immerse ourselves in the natural world as a source of inspiration – both to ignite our music and to hopefully inspire ourselves and others to live in harmony with the rest of the living world.

We wish, in our own small way, to help bring about positive change by reminding as many people as possible that, deep down, we all share a common goal – to live in peace and be in harmony.

We hope our music and our gifts of peace releases help remind you why we’re here – and encourage you to take stock and contemplate what a gift it is to be alive.


Our music is inspired by nature – the landscape, the wilderness, the rivers, seas, skies, stars, flowers, trees and animals that all contribute to the magical tapestry of life on this planet.

We attempt to capture the magic & energy of certain places, people & thoughts in our work. We record the natural sounds of nature and interweave their healing sounds within our tonal landscapes.

Much like the raga’s of India, we utilise meditative drones and simple melodic phrases to create a healing ambience. We produce thoughts, ideas, writings, poetry and images alongside the music to inspire contemplation and an appreciation of nature. We also interweave our ‘earth ragas’ with music inspired by classical composers – both modern and traditional (we love Debussy & Coldplay in equal measure!).

We use electronic and acoustic instruments such as the piano, classical & lever harps, citterns, dulcimers, nylon and steel strung guitars, percussion and various synthesisers.

We call our music ‘earth ambient’ because it attempts to capture the healing sound qualities and textures of the earth and all life upon it.



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