Maddy – July 2019…

This is a new composition I’ve been working on. It’s great to share it at last (please click on the video below to hear it)!


I wanted to write a piece that could be used as a meditative mandala to celebrate the ebb & flow of seasons – leaving the listener contemplating the cyclical nature of life.

By appreciating the earth’s cyclical nature and realising how much it is at odds with the modern world’s linear way of thinking, I hope it will allow us all to make better, more environmentally sound decisions in the future.

The shimmering timbre of the piano’s high register represents the energy of the sun as it brings nature to life as Spring approaches. The electronic drones ebb & flow to represent the surges of growth and decay as each season peaks and fades.

The Moon Bowl and Prayer Bell represent those sudden moments of seasonal change – which seem to appear suddenly after much anticipation. The shimmering gong and lower registered notes on the piano are designed to root us firmly to the earth – appreciating that this organic, life force, this miracle of creation, is ultimately our home.

After recording the natural sounds at the Chalice Well Gardens (thank you to the birds singing and flowing the gently cascading waters) in Glastonbury we walked to the top of Glastonbury Tor.

Looking out from the summit over the Somerset levels, it reminded me of two soulful chords in ‘Little Shepherd’. I decided to add them to the piece! I hope you can spot them!

I also discovered that the Tor has a 7 level labyrinth that runs up it. This gave me the idea of the 7 / 8 theme that appears three times during the piece. I wanted to give the piece a sense of climbing the Tor – almost as those each level is a rising level of consciousness.


Glennie Kindred’s book ‘The Earth’s Cycle of Celebration’ helped formulate ideas for the complete cycel and give a sense of the different energies each season offers;

‘’The Sun’s Cycle waxes and wanes over the course of a year.

It reaches a peak at each Solstice, stops and begins a change in direction, which affects all life on Earth.

The Solstices are a time to stop, to look back on where the half yearly cycle has brought you, and to look forward to how you will use the developing energy.

At the Equinoxes, day and night are equal in length. The outer and inner worlds, light and dark, are equal and balanced. They provide an opportunity for us to work with this integration within ourselves”.

 Quotation from; The Earth’s Cycle of Celebration, Glennie Kindred

This is the timing for each of the seasonal changes during the piece;

Winter Solstice (0.00)

The Light of the Sun flickers into life again after the long winter

Life returns and the first flowers of Spring appear out of the frozen earth

Spring Equinox (1:50)

Day and Night are in perfect balance as the first day of spring arrives

Fertility and the potency of the life force reaches its peak

Summer Solstice (3.10)

Mother Earth is expansive and organic growth is rife

The Summer’s peak brings the harvest, the sun king dances in the warm evening shadows

Autumn Equinox (4.22)

Day and night are in perfect balance, nature’s harvest is complete

Nature prepares to rest and take shelter

I hope the piece inspires you to walk the Tor and experience the magic of the Peace Garden at the Chalice Well.

Love and Light,

Maddy Chassar-Hesketh, May, 2019.