Maddy – I’ve been working on a piece that had to be no longer than two minutes long and had some form of randomness to its creation (aleatoric is the tech term meaning ‘dice’).

So I placed the 12 notes of the musical scale in a hat 6 times over and then started to pull them out one by one to create some chords!

There were some great chords in amongst some not so inspirational sounds! I chose 5 chords that I liked the sound of… It felt each one of them had its own emotion;

The first sounded energised and mysterious

The second joyful

The third made me think of a warm ‘inner sunlight’

The forth was majestic with its own strength

The five had an inner calm

I then created a sequence of notes with an upward motion – one sequence each to echo the mood of each chord.

At this point I liked the musical idea but didn’t know where to take it next!

I then came across a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins called ‘The Sea and the Skylark’.

Gerard apparently write it whilst walking along the welsh coastline on a beach – with the sea to his right and open hilly countryside to his left – from where came the skylark!

I loved the poem’s ability to conjure up the ebb and flow of the tides, the majestic singing and flight path of the Skylark.

Here are two lines from the poem that really capture the mood;

On ear and ear two noises too old to end

Trench—right, the tide that ramps against the shore;

With a flood or a fall, low lull-off or all roar,

Frequenting there while moon shall wear and wend.

Left hand, off land, I hear the lark ascend,

In crisps of curl off wild winch whirl, and pour

His rash-fresh re-winded new-skeinèd score

And pelt music, till none ’s to spill nor spend.

I immediately wrote the violin part to draw out the serenity and peace the Skylark felt as it soared into the sky high above the crashing waves.

The harp was added to connect both earth and sky – with dark rich low tones of the earth followed by the sparkling high tone of the skylark and the sea spray as it reached towards the sky.

I then added the Tam Tam and the bowed cymbals to create the crashing waves and the ebb & flow of the tide!

Hope you like the piece!

Love and Light,

Maddy. x