A Song for the World (our new album)

We’re in the studio presently writing our new album – A Song for the World. We’ve called it this as we’re launching it via Kickstarter with a mission to send out as many of our Gifts of Peace as possible to the powerful & influential on the planet – just to remind them of how beautiful this planet is and that we appreciate their help and support in looking after it for future generations.

Given how far we’ve come the past 12 months – we thought it would be worth reminding ourselves why send our albums out our gifts of peace.

Can Music Make a Difference given all the issues the planet faces?

People sometimes ask us why sending out our music will make a difference?

The truth is the confrontational style of politics and power hasn’t worked and if anything is taking us in the wrong direction. We think it’s time to use a different language – the language of peace, of beauty, of nature.

And for us, music is the ultimate language to express all of the above!

Here’s a video we’ve created with a 60 brief on our music and why we feel so passionately about campaigning with our music.

‘A song for the World’ in the Making

Most of the songs are written and arranged now so we’re now ready to start recording – it’s so exciting! But there’s still a few pieces that are not quite complete!

Here’s Maddy talking about developing a melody:

We’d love to keep you up to date on the album’s progress – just sign up on Kickstarter, Facebook and our Newsletter and we’ll keep in touch.

In the Light,


Maddy & Sam. x