We’re dedicated to capturing* the magical energy found at sacred sites across this magical Celtic and Avalonion landscape we’re privileged to live within – the sacred Isle.

There are so many places of spiritual and sacred energy; Stonehenge, Avebury, Pentre Ifan, Cadair Idris, Dragon Hill at Uffington, The Wayland Smithy, The Chalice Well, Gog & Magog Glastonbury, Silbury Hill, Malvern St Anne’s Well, Cerne Abbas, The Golden Cap, Arthur’s Stone Herefordshire, Abbey Dore, Glastonbury Abbey, Tintern Abbey, Llanthony, The Mountain Streams as they cascade of Hay Bluff, et al.


Such places literally plug into the numinous: an energy force with magical properties that connects you direct to source. Such energy is perfect for meditation, ceremony, ritual & healing. Experience the Energy of the Sacred Earth.


It is our wish to bring the healing energy of these sacred places to as many as possible – it is our belief that more awareness of the power, energy and healing properties of Mother Earth will bring about the profound mindset change needed if we’re to live on planet earth in peace and harmony.


Please try to listen to these sample Sound Journey on good quality speakers. The reality is many of the important frequencies are lost anyway via digital compression online (CD AIFF files are always the perfect way to capture all the frequencies and energy) but the essence of the piece is present and still potent.


The excerpt below is a section of a Sound Journey Meditation celebrating the Full Moon as it appears above Dragon Hill in the Celtic Mountains at our Earth Temple.

You can hear the breath of Gaia right at the beginning – swirling and spinning. Then hear the meditative drone tones that are the planets spinning in the universe to their own key. The highest tone being the Earth herself.

The Harp follows the rise of the Moon into the Sky.

Then a rare ancient ‘Moon Singing Bowl is rung three times prior to a Gong Sounding the full glory as the full bright Winter Full Moon appears from behind the clouds and the sky becomes totally clear.

Allow the drones and choir to be the Moon’s light bathing you in healing energy.

The Harp towards the end of this section along with the chimes and gong are the light energy of the Moon cascading down and filling your body with the pulsating life force (you can hear this pulsating spinning energy during the piece).


The music changes in tone and atmosphere. It’s designed as music for ceremony, ritual, and mediation. You can play drums, bowls, chant, sing or recite ceremonial words over it – we play more instruments gongs, bells and drums live!


An experiment was done with a group of people. They sat in a circle by the ocean with a recording unit in the middle of the group. The people meditated blissfully (and silently), projecting love onto the sound of the ocean that was then being recorded.

Next, a new recording was made. The record button was pressed but this time they were asked to silently project anger as the sounds of the ocean were recorded.

Finally, the group left and the sounds of the ocean by themselves was also recorded.

Now the exciting work could begin!

A skilled practitioner in Kinesiology muscle-tested people as they listened to the sounds of the ocean on each of the three recordings. No one knew which recording they were listening to – not even the kinesiology tester. It was just the sounds of the ocean. But the results were radically different.

First, the recording of ocean without anyone around made people strong. As you might expect, the sounds of nature are nurturing to our body, mind and spirit.

Second, the recording of the ocean with people blissfully projecting love made people test even stronger. It was remarkable how powerful this sound was for the people being tested. They become rock solid which this ocean sound played.

Finally, the recording of the “angry ocean,” the one into which people project anger. Although it sounded like the other ocean recordings people tested weak.

The difference of course, was the intention of the people infusing the sound. Intent is the energy behind sound. Sound + Loving Intent = Healing.

This research opened exciting opportunities. If we are all capable of sensing (either consciously or subconsciously) the energies created by intent and these can be captured within audio recordings amazing healing properties could be played as audio (wonderful for those looking to increase their strength and loving kindness. But also, perfect for use in hospitals, for birth events, used to calm city centers, places of dis-ease and for those suffering in other ways both mentally or physically)

We then realized that the energies of sacred sites – often placed on Earth energy spirals could also be captured. He healing energy of these places could be captured in the very birds, bees, breeze, rain, streams, ceremonies of loving intent and other events could bring.

This is our calling. To create these healing audio capsules of love and positive intention. So, they can be used for healing ceremonies, rituals, visualizations, meditation, healing in hospitals, public spaces and everywhere that healing energy is required.