A Song for the World – Live Events 2017

We’re keen to play at environmental, spiritual, charity, arts & poetry events – please get in touch if you’d like us to play to help you raise funds to ensure the good keeping of planet earth and our spiritual well-being. Our music is perfect for creating a special ambience – and we can work with you to plan the perfect event!

You can see a list of events scheduled for this year – please keep coming back (and sign up to our newsletter) as we’re booking more all the time!

“Suddenly I could hear music that sounded like it was coming from the heavens – I then realised it was coming from two young children – a brother and sister – playing the harp & piano – they were like two musicians brought down from above to bring peace to the world”

March 2017

4th – Bishops Castle Arts Festival 11.00 (free)

25th – Severn Theatre Shrewsbury 7.30pm (ticket only)

April 2017

1st Bishops Castle 11.00am (free)

23th Bishops Castle 11.00am (free)

May 2017

“It was so moving I cried.”

1st Green Man Festival Clun 12.00pm (ticket only)

13th – Bishops Castle Town Hall 11.00am (free)

20th – Bishops Castle Town Hall 11.00am (free)

May – Glastonbury (Details to be confirmed)

May – Hay-on-Wye (details to be confirmed)

June 2017

18th – Bishops Castle Town Hall 11.00am (free)

June – Wells (Details to be confirmed)

“I was visiting an art exhibition – I could hear this soft beautiful music and when I turned the corner there were two young children playing something that sounded like it had come from heaven – a moving moment.”

July 2017

1st – The Haycop Nature Festival Shropshire

August 2017

5th – Bishops Castle Town Hall 11.00am (free)

6th – Launch of new album – Bishops Castle Arts Centre (tickets will go on sale shortly)

9th – Hereford Cathedral Gardens 1.30pm (free)

Sept 2017

8th – H-Art – All Saints Church, Brockhampton, Herefordshire – Private View (by invitation only)

9th – H-Art – St Catherines Church, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire

16th – H-Art – All Saints Church, Brockhampton, Herefordshire (timing TBC)

So we’ve plucked up the courage to arrange our first live events (slightly grand title as we expect to be hiding in corners at events as background ambient music – which is cool for us!).

We’re really excited. And we’ll be taking our message with us – that we live on a beautiful planet and that we should all work together to ensure a sustainable, peaceful future. So chill to our music & enjoy life!

We’re currently getting in touch with many venues – cathedrals, art galleries, street venues, spiritual sites, poetry events, art festivals – we will play anywhere and everywhere (any ideas please get in touch – we don’t charge and will play for any charitable / community event – all we ask is that we can sell our music)!

We’re also a little different when it comes to the traditional audience/band thing. We don’t like it! Instead, we like to play quietly in a corner and allow the ambience of our music inspire people to enjoy their day  and come and say hello!

We’ll be offering copies of our yet to be released ‘Coordinates’ album (remember – for every copy purchased we’ll send another out to a person of influence and power to remind them that we need their help saving this planet). We’ll also have copies of A Beautiful Day in the Hills available whilst we’ve still got some left (it’s been great that so many people wanted to purchase it!).

Coordinates the music is based on 10 spiritual sites across the world. We’ve used their coordinates within the music. There’s a theme for each spiritual place and then they all interweave together to symbolise the ‘connectedness’ of all living things. Wow – we cannot wait to complete it!

If you’d like to be kept up to date once the dates become finalised please get in touch at (email)

Love & Light,

Maddy and Sam.