There is a universal musical chord. It is an eternal low & soft whisper that permeates all of creation. We are all a part of creation so this song vibrates in harmony with us all. Eternal, perpetual, permanent, everlasting, primeval.


Hold your arms out to either side of you with the palms of your hands facing forwards. Allow the song of the universe to enter through one hand. Sense it flowing along your arm into your heart, filling you with light. Breath in and send thoughts of love into your heart. Then breath out and sense the light flowing down your other arms and out into the world through your other hand. Sense this is an unbroken inward and outward flow. A Circle of Light Energy. The Circle of Life.


Close your eyes for this mediation whilst listening to The Guiding Star above.

About This Healing Place.

This Healing Place is run by a family of musicians; Gaia, Elaine, Maddy, Sam & Finn the Tibetan Terrier. They live close to the land, living a simple life – heating and cooking on wood. They intimately live within & are in tune with the British Sacred landscape.

As well as being constantly in demand to play at many ceremonial events at places such as Stonehenge, The Chalice Well Peace Gardens, The White Springs Glastonbury, Silbury Hill, Dartmoor and Avebury Stone Circle, they also offer intimate workshops & retreats deep in the heart of the magical landscape of Glastonbury overlooking the Tor. 

During their retreats they offer accommodation in ‘Luxury Soul Pads’ which will sleep up to 4 people each. All guests are free to explore Glastonbury and the surrounding area in their own time. However, all retreat packages offer star gazing, fire lit evenings, organic foods cooked in fire bowls, music, ceremony, immersion tours of the magical Glastonbury landscape & gentle meditation and ceremony appropriate to those of all faiths (or none). You choose how much to get involved as it’s all inclusive.

To book a Retreat in Glastonbury please visit our Retreats Page.

Love & Light,

Gaia, Elaine, Maddy, Sam & Finn the Tibetan Terrier. x