Carefully Crafted to Transform both Heart & Spirit 

Ran by a family dedicated to guiding small groups who wish to explore the remarkable sacred sites of Avalon,  Avebury, Stonehenge & the South West of Britain.

From stone circles to holy wells, sacred groves to medieval abbeys – you will be able to discover the heritage of the ancient British and Celtic people – those who have left a unique energetic footprint on this special landscape.

More than a tour, we offer sacred journeys, spiritual quests and pilgrimages back to source – back to the soul.

We offer knowledge of the lessor known sacred places – we live and breathe this area – we know the landscape intimately and so can guide you to the many special, lessor known places.

We will also ensure you have plenty of time to experience the living power and beauty of these ancient places for yourself, so you can establish a personal connection to sacred space, all the time being guided through gentle meditation, sound healing, poetry & story – all offered to provide new insight and inspiration.

About Your Guides

All retreats, pilgrimages and sound journeys will be undertaken by the Chassar-Hesketh family.

Gaia is fascinated by Earth Energy & gently leads the ceremonies. He is passionate about the sacred wisdom of Glastonbury & the South West, the healing qualities of nature and the power music, art, poetry can have to enhance our ability be driven by compassion and beauty.

Elaine has been involved in outdoor activities with all ages for a number of years and has a love for nature. She is also a passionate cook – especially cooking outdoors.

Maddy and Sam are classically trained musicians who write their own music and are constantly in demand to play at sacred ceremonies across the planet.

We all wish to remind everyone of how beautiful this planet is through our retreats, pilgrimages, music, art and poetry.

As a family we look forward to being a part of your sacred journey to source.

Love and Light,

Gaia, Elaine, Maddy and Sam. x