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On a Mission

We may be only 11 & 9 but we’re on a mission to contribute towards positive change in the world by campaigning for the protection of our beautiful planet through our own unique music, poetry and art.

We live in a Beautifully Fragile World

Our Vision

Our goal is to send our music as a Gift of Inspiration to every powerful politician, business leader, scientist, poet, priest, politician, film maker, spiritual leader on the planet – just to remind them of how beautiful earth is – and remind them we need their help to save it.

Under our favourite Oak Tree!

Here’s our Gift of Inspiration for Summer 2017 (if you’d like to purchase one then please subscribe below – all proceeds fund our campaigning!)…

 The Gift of Inspiration Summer 2017

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In return we’ll send you beautiful gifts every quarter (or for as long as you subscribe) and invite you to get involved (we hold concerts, fund raising events, help find new worthy recipients for our gifts of inspiration).

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 The Gift of Inspiration Summer 2017

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