All reality is vibration; every cell and all things are constantly sending out a vibratory message – rocks, stones, trees, flowers, clouds, rain, mountains, sacred stones, crystals, the air, the atmosphere, sacred events – and human beings.

If we’re out of sync with these natural rhythms we sense something is wrong – we may feel uncomfortable, agitated or sometimes even ill. Being in tune with our body’s vibration is a powerful source of inner strength and energy.


Our Sound Journeys are a powerful way to realign the vibrational rhythms of the body & mind. The ancients knew this realignment of vibrational energy was important instinctively. They would call upon a Shaman, High Priestess or Priest to administer sound healing using ancient musical instruments such as drum, rattle or drones made by the voice or appropriate instrument.

The ancients, who also revered the land, knew there were special places where vibrational energy is naturally higher and can heal the body and mind and be utilised as a gateway to achieve a higher consciousness and visit other realms.

Sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury have such healing vibrations – the energy present at these sites is so incredibly alive and highly responsive to other lifeform interaction that they can shock and humble, inspire and ignite us right to our inner core – our heart & soul.


Such places literally allow us to plug into the numinous: the enormous energy grid that encompasses your body and soul, the planet, and the cosmos – what is often thought of as the collective consciousness or archetypal energy field.

Our recordings combine these three principles; all things vibrate, all things have a true frequency at which they naturally vibrate and certain places have a special vibratory energy that can heal and enlighten.

Our sound journeys bring these three principles together to create healing and higher consciousness & journeying.


Bringing such vibrations to the human body can realign its frequencies and allow it to re-tune & heal. It can also enliven your natural frequencies to allow for higher states of awareness – our music is created to do this through a sound journey – where the physical presence of drones, bells, gongs, harps, piano are played gently alongside the healing ambiance and energy captured from sacred sites.


We’d always instinctively revered the power of certain places. On a walk through a wood, we’d suddenly feel a presence and energy. We’d walk into a building and sense a lifting of energies. As musicians, these experiences inspired. But this didn’t seem to be enough to capture the essence of the healing energy we experienced – the Spirit of Place seemed to be elusive.


We then discovered an inspiring piece of research that had found it was possible to capture the ‘energy’ and ‘spirit’ of an event or place utilizing certain recording techniques. We were fascinated and started to experiment with these ideas – creating and perfecting our own system for capturing these special energies over many years.

Discovering that we could authentically capture such energies opened many exciting possibilities. For example, significant planetary events could be captured and their energy accessed time and time again. Uplifting ceremonies and the collective energy they produced would be available to relive and replenish the soul again and again.

The magical energy of a sacred remote site could be captured and made widely available to others. The energy at the precise moment of a new or full moon could literally be captured faithfully in what we called ‘energy capsules’ – recordings that held this energy.

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