As a family of musicians we are dedicated to writing, recording and performing music that inspires an appreciation of what it is to be alive – believing that true art is the most powerful way of articulating and enhancing our emotions & experiences.


We combine classical, acoustic, electronic instruments alongside ambient field recordings to construct our music. A number of our compositions have been commissioned for projects ranging from BBC Proms Inspire to the Deep Earth Festival at the Royal Academy of Arts.

We love to work on both ambitious commissions and humble, modest projects – our focus always being on finding truth and enlightenment through our compositions.


We live & write from our studio – just south of mystical Glastonbury.

As well as our own releases, we love to work on film soundtracks, audio installations, theatre productions, collaborations with poets, visual artists, campaigning journalists & spiritual and sacred events.


Maddy Chassar-Hesketh

Maddy has been playing and writing since she could walk. She was a winner of the BBC Young Composer of the Year 2019 at the Proms. She plays piano, harp, organ, flute and anything else required to realise an idea! She loves nothing more than being in front of a warm fire with chocolate in the Winter or walking Finn the Tibetan Terrier on Barafundle beach in the Summer!

Sam Chassar-Hesketh

Sam has also been playing since he was a toddler. He plays the piano, harp, drums and loves constructing electronic sounds that have an organic nature. He loves hot baths in the Winter and cycling around the hills of Wales in the Summer!

Gaia Chassar-Hesketh

Gaia has been in the recording studio for more years than he can remember. He’s fascinated by sound and can often be found capturing field recordings in the most remotest of places. He loves running in the Welsh hills – all seasons!


If you have a project or commission you’d like to explore further with us please get in touch outlining your project & we’ll be in touch