Our Mission

We believe that the human race is on the cusp of something beautiful. A transformation in how we live our lives.

We’re here to make a difference – our generation need to change the way the way we engage with the natural world – or there will be no planet left as we know it.

In our own small way we hope our music, poetry & art help to inspire more people to enjoy the beauty of life and preserve it for future generations.

Our Music

We record the sounds of nature and interweave it within our tonal landscapes. Much like the raga’s of India, we utilise meditative drones and simple melodic phrases.

We also like to produce prose, poetry & art alongside our music to enhance the listening experience.

We utilise both electronic and acoustic instruments such as the piano, classical & lever harps, citterns, dulcimers, nylon and steel strung guitars, flutes, percussion and various string instruments to create texture & mood.

We hope our music and in some small way it encourages you to take stock and contemplate what a miracle it is to be alive.

Love & Light,

Maddy and Sam. x