Our first project for 2019 is ‘Coordinates’ – release date / April 22 – Earth Day

Earth Day is a global event that seeks to promote understanding of important environmental issues.

The music has been composed using the coordinates of many of our great cities & spiritual sites across the globe – all they connect during the music we hope it acts as a trigger of realisation in people across the global – that we are all connected.

Maddy in the Studio Recording Piano and Cello for the forthcoming release, Coordinates

It will be available to listen to for free across all streaming channels – but also available as a download from as little as $0.99 per track & also as a physical limited edition box set – we will purchase seeds that will be planted in schools with every purchase – so help spread the word by sharing our facebook & instagram posts with your friends!

Instagram http://bit.ly/2sJslzr 

Facebook http://bit.ly/2RSSIlH


The First Circle live Ceremonies.

We released First Circle – which captured the atmosphere of our concerts during the magical Summer months of 2018.


The Sound Journey Sessions

‘We continued to play live across the UK. Our concerts were becoming Sound Journeys – where people brought Yoga Mats, laid down and closed their eyes so we could take them on a journey.’ 

‘We wanted to ensure it was the music and it’s connection to the natural world and the inner soul that matters. We wanted to ensure the concerts meant we were all connected – as one.’


A Beautiful Day in the Hills

A Gift of Peace

Maddy and Sam’s first album aged 9 and 11. Celebrating the joy of a day immersed in nature – from Sunrise through the sunset. We sent our album to people in power – asking them to remember the beauty of life on the planet and let it influence their thoughts and actions.

‘We wanted to capture the immense power and beauty of the hills where we live. We call the hill behind our home ‘Dragon Hill’ as the earth’s energy just seems to radiate from it. We also wanted to write about the stars – we live miles away from any artificial lighting – so the night skies are awe inspiring’. Maddy & Sam. 


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