A Sacred Sound Journey Ceremony of Harp, Piano, Earth Energetics & Drones

Close your eyes & listen…

You can hear the sound of sky. You can hear the sound of the earth. You can hear the sound of the whole cosmos – all is singing in perfect key.

A sacred harp ripples across a sky of frankincense & palo santo wood. Glissando upon glissando spirals about this sacred space. The sound of a bell opens a portal. Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit sing around you and entice you on a journey into your very soul. You see all the colours of nature – vibrant, dancing – leading you on your journey. The heartbeat on a sacred hand birthed drum gives your journey its own pace.

You are no longer in the room. You have left this dimension and are on a journey to source.


We’re a family of musicians dedicated to capturing & sharing the healing energy of sacred places through our sound journey ceremonies & concerts. We’ve spent a lifetime listening to the rhythms of nature and capturing the energy of sacred places through our field recordings & original compositions.

As trained classical musicians since the age of 4, both Madeleine and Samuel have the gift of being able to channel the voices of  sacred places – weaving harp & piano into their compositions.

Gaia (father) lovingly creates soundscapes that tune into the energy of place and compliments these with drones and ‘sound energy capsules’.

We then enhance the music with native flutes, drums, gongs, bowls and many other ancient instruments.

Our Sound Journey events are unique – they are designed to be an uplifting and moving experience which will leave you revitalised and invigorated

Join us to celebrate the great cosmic life force in all its manifestations. Close your eyes as we infuse Magical Waterfalls, Avalonion Streams, Ancient Sacred Groves, the Sacred Healing Waters of The Chalice Well Gardens, the energy of ancient Megalithic Circles, the healing energy of Sacred Wells, Cathedrals, Chapels, the Whispered Wisdom from Ancient Trees and many other places where we have lovingly captured the spirit and revitalising healing energy of place and given them a voice through our music.

Join us on a sound journey to source.

Love & Light,

Madeleine, Samuel & Gaia. x


At our ceremonies you will hear the ambient recordings of sacred places – powerful audio sonic that brings the healing of these places into the room during the ceremony.

We’ve captured the energy & vibration in magical places such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury Chalice Well Peace Gardens, Glastonbury Tor, Burrow Mump, Stanton Drew, Solva, Holy Island Pembrokeshire, Nyeland Hill & the 7 Sacred Islands of Avalon, Silbury Hill, The Wayland Smithy, Cerne Abbey Holy Well, & Avebury Stone Circle.

We travel the land to discover and capture the energy of special, often little known places – mountain streams, old chapels, sacred stones, ancient trees, woods, lakes and mountains – all places that have a raised energy of their own.

Our sound journeys our designed to create a perfect union with nature. As musicians we compose our music to reflect the simplicity and complexity of these sacred places so that the music becomes a gateway or portal that allows you to travel into the Earth’s core & then far out into the cosmos. This music is not background music (although it has been described as the nearest thing to musical incense there is and is utilised by others to accompany their own ceremonies and rituals). The music is written to invoke visions, insights and higher conscious states.

Join us on a sound journey deep into the self, the earth’s core & to the divinity we call the cosmos.


The modern world moves so quickly. The need to connect deeply with natural energy is more important than ever. Our sound journeys are powerful and deep. They enable you to connect to the source of all life, invoke healing and allow for profound insights & transformation.

“Our music comes from a deep connection with the source of all life. We work intuitively to allow the spirit of life to journey through us and our music to directly connect you to source”.

“Our Songs are like a ‘Spirit Eagle’ taking you high across the lands of the earth, flying deep into the centre of the Earth and then out into the Cosmos”


“It was so moving I cried.”

“If peace and harmony has a sound – this is it”

“This music is special – I’d go as far as to say spiritual”

“This is the sound of the universe in motion”

We look forward to journeying with you to the ancient sites of this magical Island – The British, Welsh and Scottish ancient wisdom is available and alive – we can learn so much from the Earth’s Ambient power.

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Love & Light,

Madeleine, Samuel & Gaia.


We are a family – Gaia, Maddy, Sam (musicians) and Elaine (management) who have dedicated our lives to creating ceremonial, spiritual healing music.

Our music is unique in that we capture the energy of sacred sites and events – called spirit of place – and infuse these into our music as drones, chants and ambient sound.

We have fused for example the Chalice Well Waters and the White Spring of Glastonbury on our latest album. This was recorded at precisely the moment of a powerful eclipse which marked the dawning of a new age of healing.

We have recently recorded instruments, chants and their vibrations at Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury, Glastonbury Tor and many magical streams, rivers, lakes, mountains, trees & holy places and captured their healing power and infused them into our recordings so as many people as possible can experience the energy, love and light these moments capture (more on this will be available with our new release which is almost complete).

We actively work with healers & spirit guides from across the planet – playing our music at special ceremonies and events. We have played at Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, the Chalice Well Gardens, Cathedrals, beside Holy Wells and many other places that are vibrating with energy.

We live in the depths of the Welsh border mountains, chop our own wood to heat and cook, drink water from our own well and live as simply as possible.

We immerse ourselves in the natural world as a source of inspiration – both to ignite our music and to hopefully inspire ourselves and others to live in harmony with the rest of the living world.

We wish, in our own small way, to help bring about positive change by reminding as many people as possible that, deep down, we all share a common goal – to live in peace and be in harmony with cosmos.

Love & Light,

Maddy, Sam, Elaine & David.


Our music is inspired by the sacred sites of this beautiful Island of Albion – British Isle – (the land of the Celts & the Isle of Avalon – the very Heart Energy Centre of the Earth). We capture the energy of the sacred landscapes that surround us – the stones, chapels, burial chambers alongside the wilderness, rivers, seas, skies, stars, flowers, trees and animals that all contribute to the magical tapestry of the Isle of Albion and Avalon.

We capture the magic & energy of certain places & events using unique recording techniques we’ve developed (the energy of the full moon from Glastonbury Tor, the Solstice, the Beltain, Autumn & Spring Equinox at a Holy Well or from the top of a sacred Welsh Mountain – all available for sacred ceremony, meditation and ritual). We weave this energy with our compositions – which are specifically written to reflect the uniqueness of each event and location to therefore stimulate meditation and healing.

Much like the raga’s of India, we also utilise meditative drones and simple melodic phrases to create a healing ambience. We produce thoughts, ideas, writings, poetry and images alongside the music to inspire contemplation and an appreciation of a special location, event or idea.

We use subtle electronic sounds alongside world acoustic instruments such as shamanic and irish drums,  gongs, singing bowls, chimes, dulcimers, old medieval instruments, the piano, classical & lever harps, citterns & dulcimers.

We call our music ‘earth ambient’ because it captures the healing sound qualities and textures of the earth and all life upon it.


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