60 Seconds of Music & Meditation

10 Breaths in 60 Seconds 

These are our 60 second musical meditations. Press play, take 10 deep breaths over 60 seconds, chill & simply appreciate the beauty of life here on planet Earth – it really puts things in perspective!

All the videos and music here are the result of observing nature closely and ‘tuning’ into the life force that creates this wonderful place called planet earth. We name and date them so you can follow the seasons – which all have their own unique energy.

Hope you enjoy them!

Love & Light,

Maddy & Sam. x

 SPRING 03/20/ 2017
Welcome the Season

 SPRING 04/04/2017
Facing West
SPRING 26/04/2017
Sunrise over Dragon Hill
SPRING 02/05/2017
Perfect Sky
SPRING 23/05/2017
Spring Light