The Sound of Nature

Our music is inspired by nature – the landscape, the wilderness, the rivers, seas, skies, stars, flowers, trees and animals that all contribute to the magical tapestry of life on this planet.

‘Open your heart. It’s how the light gets in’.

We attempt to capture the magic & energy of certain places, people & thoughts in our work. We record the natural sounds of nature and interweave their healing sounds within our tonal landscapes.

‘Open your heart & listen to what it is telling you’.

Much like the raga’s of India, we utilise meditative drones and simple melodic phrases to create a healing ambience. We produce thoughts, ideas, writings, poetry and images alongside the music to inspire contemplation and an appreciation of nature. We also interweave our ‘earth ragas’ with music inspired by classical composers – both modern and traditional (we love Debussy & Coldplay in equal measure!).

No one day is like another. Each tomorrow has its own special miracle’.

We use electronic and acoustic instruments such as the piano, classical & lever harps, citterns, dulcimers, nylon and steel strung guitars, percussion and various synthesisers.

Our celtic harp hand-made in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

We call our music ‘earth ambient’ because it attempts to capture the healing sound qualities and textures of the earth and all life upon it.

Love and Light,

Maddy & Sam. x